Friday, March 16, 2018

We're All Mad Here, Some Are Just Madder

Okay, so I love Alice in Wonderland stamps, along with the Wizard of Oz and I found both at Vera Lane Studios in such a cute form that I had to buy some of both. I still have some images I haven't purchased but I did get these.

I love the quote, "we're all mad here," but this little angry caterpillar is mad in a different way. Love these and loved them more after coloring with my Prismacolor pencils. I'm thinking art journal page for them, but no decision yet on what to do, but I had fun coloring them for sure.

I still have the White Rabbit to color but these guys spoke to me first. Hope you have an awesome weekend and that you get to enjoy St. Paddy's Day! In celebration, I have a little photo display of foods for the day...would you eat them or not? For me...





YES, OF COURSE, I'm breathing, ain't I? Me+Cupcakes=Love

Happy Friday!


  1. Those Alice in Wonderland characters are fantastic! I love your coloring and I can certainly see a art journal page here. I'm with you on the food choices!

    1. lol, good! but someone's got to eat that green bread!


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