Monday, May 14, 2018

Octopuses vs Octopi

I have always thought the plural of one of these guys is octopi...but it turns out it's not! Here's what Merriam-Webster says about it.

When “octopus” was first mentioned in the English language in the mid-1700s, it was pluralized as “octopuses.” That said, some grammarians wanted English to be like the less irregular Latin language, so they started putting Latin pluralizations on Latin-based English words, which led to “octopi.”

However, “octopus” actually comes from Greek, so it later got the super-rare pluralization, “octopodes” (pronounced ock-TOP-uh-deez). Here’s the kicker, though: Ultimately, octopus is an English word, and as such, it has an English pluralization, meaning that “octopuses” is correct according to the conventions of the English language.

The verdict: Say whatever you want (even octopodes, we suppose), but know that in modern English, “octopuses” makes the most sense.

So, to be correct, you say octopuses...but I may have to start using octopodes. That'd really throw people into a tizzy!

My grown daughter loves the little guys, no idea why, but she's enamored. So when we went to the Mall of America's Aquarium and they had a small one, we had to visit it awhile and take pics.

I made her some cards to give friends and families and used a little octopus die I got from somewhere. Here are some of them.

What do you call 8 x 3.14? Octopi

What is a gathering of octopus called?  Octoposse.

Why did the octopus blush?  He saw the bottom of the ocean.

How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?   Ten tickles.

What do you call the place where an octopus is sitting?   Octopied.

Hope you liked these octopodes! And jokes!

Happy Monday!


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