Monday, June 18, 2018

Anniversary Celebration

Hard for me to believe it's been 28 years of wedded bliss with the best man I know. I can't believe I found Matt so early in life and that we were well-suited then and well-suited now, even though we've both changed and grown. This pic is from April, after I just turned 50 and he had turned 50 two months before. 

We were both in the musicals in high school and had mutual friends so we hung out together and then when we were sixteen, I got the idea that he liked me and I thought he was funny and dang hot, so we started dating. Thanks to our mutual friend, Vicki Smith, who encouraged me to date this somewhat intense young man. I figured we'd break up and I'd break his heart...but the joke was on me because we just stayed together!

I'm not sure how we got so lucky, but I'm not questioning it, I'm just thankful. He's a rock-solid, hard-working, dedicated family man who would do anything for me or the kids. He's understanding and he listens and he's kind to old people and children. He also has a zero-tolerance policy for people who are mean or stupid or generally make life harder and more dangerous for the rest of us (I'm talking to you, people who text and drive.) 

Here's the little cake we treated ourselves to for this anniversary and the card I made for him with Pretty Little Studio products.

And this guy is still funny. He says, "you can't spell scrapbooking without the word crap," but he also tells me I do important things for the family by scrapbooking and keeping our memories. So, Happy Anniversary to my honey. Am hoping you have the same kind of luck in love as I do!

And if you need a funny card to celebrate an anniversary, Valentine's Day or just Wednesday, you can click this link to get free cards to print.

Happy Monday!

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