Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wedding Card That Should've Taken Less Time

So, have you ever made a card that took forever? And when it was finished you were all, hey! that's fab, and it looks as good as I thought it would and was worth all my time? Like a complicated folded card? Well, this isn't one of those cards. It's a pretty simple design but it took me forever and I had to trim it and then tore it so I had to go back and redo part of it and so on. Not kidding, I thought I'd never get this card up to snuff.

It's not the worst card, but I can't believe how many times I messed it up and had to work to get it good enough. I used some gold dot paper and gold heart die cuts from Pretty Little Studio, some letter stickers from my stash and black polka dot washi tape. You'd think that it would've been a breeze to make.

Here's a close-up of the shiny goldness. I really like the metallic papers and the printed vellum at PLS.

And I thought I'd throw in a pic of a card that actually took no time at all and came out pretty cute too. This was a Father's Day card for my husband, who is die-hard Coke fan. Won't even drink Pepsi and will opt for Mountain Dew at Pepsi restaurants. I prefer Coke, but a Pepsi will do in a pinch. Ideally, I want a tall fresh-brewed unsweetened iced tea for the caffeine boost and the tea flavor, but sometimes you want that fizz.

These are Doodlebug Design You're so Punny die cuts and papers. The Ale8 bottle top was just sitting on the table from my son's pop (also a fave of my husband), so it made its way onto the card. I doodled on the card with a black pen too.

Here's hoping that you don't have one of those frustrating-for-no-reason cards in your future!

Happy Wednesday!

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