Monday, July 16, 2018

Guinea Pigs and Peacocks

Happy Guinea Pig Appreciation Day from me and Fuzzy Potter!

While I've never had my own guinea pigs, my friend in school did and they were a noisy little bunch. And they could be stinky occasionally too :) But, they are pretty darn cute, so I'll appreciate them from afar. And if they came in this size (like the felted pig below), I'd definitely have my own. You can buy this one at Handmade by November.

They also sell this needle felted mini Tigger—squee! I love the needle felted animals and I've even tried it, but I'll tell you's not as easy as it looks and those needles are flippin' sharp! Ask me how I know. Now I have supplies but I'm not terribly brave so I haven't touched them in months!

And for the peacock portion of this post, I gotta show you this craft. I totally want to try this, though I'm certain I should start with something less complicated. You use glue and acrylic paints to make the "stained glass" so I probably wouldn't even hurt myself with this project! I can only imagine me working with cut glass...that sounds like a disaster. But glue? And it's not even Hot Glue!

Are there any crafts you'd like to try but just haven't done it yet? I've been fascinated by the acrylic pour paintings I've been seeing online and a local artist is doing a class! So, guess what my next project will be? Yep! An acrylic pour. I'll post the results, good or bad :) Here's what I'm talking about, if you haven't see it yet.

Hope you have a great Guinea Pig Day and that you get to create something fun and messy soon!

Happy Monday!

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