Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Watch It Wednesday

Today I thought I'd share two crafty YouTubers that I love to watch. Mary Polanco makes wonderful cards, has tons of ideas and has a get-to-it-with-a-little-humor style I appreciate. She doesn't talk too long or get lost in what she's doing and ramble like some people that I have to skip through, and her cards are cool and she has a lot of kit videos so you can see how to create a lot of cards from one kit. Even though I don't often buy kits, I appreciate seeing a variety of cards made from one set of supplies.

You can watch one of her Halloween videos using Lawn Fawn and Distress Oxides here. This card has so much texture!

Someone I could listen to for a long time is Emily Leiphart of leiphartonart. She has the best voice for instructional videos—calm and clear and concise—and you should definitely check out her professional projects. This video has a little coloring and some tips and of course, that fabulous voice. These tags are glittertastic! Yes, that's a new word I'm coining. Feel free to use it in conversation and let me know how people react :)


Do you have any go-to favorite You Tubers for crafts/cards? 

I just wanted to remind everyone that the Caring Hearts Card Drive has started. This is a fabulous drive for nursing home residents for holiday/winter cards. I love how much it grows every year and while I don't make cards anymore, I do deliver them (my family helps) to places in Ohio. You can win fabulous prizes for sending cards in and you'll make someone a little happier with your art. How perfect is that?

Happy Wednesdsay!


I love hearing from my crafty friends!