Monday, April 8, 2013

Now, Where is My Camera?

Ever play that game? It's a good one...kinda like "where are my glasses" and "where did I put my phone" am I right?! Ok, I found the camera, then took pics and then posted, finally. 

This layout is made from pictures my son, Ben, took when I left him alone for a few minutes with my camera in reach. This goofy kid took a million pics of himself for me to find later. So, of course, I had to print them and scrap them! They are only young once y'know.

You can see how I taped the pics together to form a fold-out....because he took SO MANY PICTURES of himself. And they are classy, right?! Again, had to scrap it. I love my silly kids (yep, his sister is the same...she's writing for the satire paper for her college...they must get that from their dad, really, they must).

Hope it's a good week for you!