Friday, July 12, 2013

Just The Facts, Ma'am...

It's Friday so I used a quote from Dragnet, get it? Only, it turns out Joe Friday said variations of this but never this quote exactly. So, I guess I'll just move on!

Made some tiny Sculpey food and stuff for dear daughter to make earrings with. She wanted a pig and bacon, to go with her cow and burger earrings. Which, I think we can all agree is mean, but there you go. the bacon pic I'll have to post later, once I find the bacon, but here are some other things I made just for fun. A s'more and cupcake with faces, although the s'more eyes got out of control.

I also made a shell, which was surprisingly easy (just twist a small rope of different colors and the shape happens almost naturally). Oh, and I tried my hand at earth and roses. The roses are fun, just make sure you use very thin uneven ovals of clay and layer them not too perfectly.

The chicken head is dear son's creation, I made the chicken leg. We figured she'd like the juxtaposition of them as earrings too. 

Happy Friday, and if you're looking for famous movie misquotes, here's a link