Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday Edition of the Wednesday Post...wha?!

As you may know, I love computers...when they work. However, yesterday, mine threw a fit and decided not to do what I asked. I think the tantrum is over, so here is Wednesday's post. 

I saw some cute stickpins at the store, and researched how to make them, rather than buy a $6 box. I have tons of beads, so I knew I had half the supplies. I bought this bead glue and these corsage pins and went to work. Sooo easy and fun—and slightly addictive, so if you're planning to try them, plan to have enough beads to see you through the day. 
1. Buy Bead Enhance Glue and corsage pins (and small decorative beads if you need them)
2. Apply small amount of glue to the pin, near the pearl.
3. Slide on beads.
4. Repeat glue and beads as necessary.
See? EASY!

Here are the finished pins. I colored the pearls at the top with a silver Sharpie and green alcohol ink from Tim Holtz. The beads are from past projects, my fave is the natural stone one.

And the card I used a pin on. 

It was tricky to photograph, as I used a shiny paper, but you get the idea. I used Hero Arts stamps and the technique I learned over there, where you use a solid stamp like the silhouette and another stamp (flourish) and create a velveteen stamping. Check out the video here if you wanna try it out.

Fun, huh? Happy Wednesday, er...Thursday!