Monday, August 19, 2013

Fun with Glossy Stuff

I tried out some different glosses for jewelry making, including Glossy Accents and Mod Podge Dimensional Magic and thought I'd share the results. 

I've made jewelry and crafts with GA before, and I notice in the bottle, it tends to look a little yellow after awhile. I haven't yet noticed my projects looking yellow, but I wonder if they will. So I bought the Mod Podge and tried it too. Here's what happened.

This piece is done with a found plastic tile. The words were cut from  Christy Tomlinson paper from Pink Paislee. The little metal heart is from a package of Mod Podge Jewelry bits (near the Dimensional Magic in the jewelry section at Michael's) and the red hearts are glittery sticker paper from who knows where.

What I noticed about this piece is that the metal (that supposedly goes with the DM) had a blue outline after drying. I'm assuming the metal reacted with the glue, but I dunno. Also, the paper bits I used appear to be bleeding through with the back of the paper. That is, the words were blue, but now they have pink spots and the back side of the paper is printed with red and pink flowers. Weird. It was easy and I like the glossy dimension it has and it didn't overflow even though the edge isn't enclosed. That's a plus. I didn't get a 3-D resin look, although the projects they show on the ad look like that. Maybe I should try a few more layers.

This bottle cap uses cardstock, too, with an Ink Jet printed image. I used the GA to adhere the picture and then poured a small amount inside to seal. It, too, is glossy when dry and this bottle cap has holes to make a pendant or whatever and the GA did leak out of the holes a bit. If you don't overfill it, it should be fine. 


Here they are with a rock I purchased from the dollar store (a bag of decorative rocks). I used a rub-on from the Love, Elsie collection I found at Jo-Ann's. Trying to decide if I want to add gloss to this one...dunno yet.

What's your favorite glossy jewelry-making stuff? 

Happy Monday and Friday is GIVESTUFFAWAYDAY—so check in on Friday!