Monday, January 27, 2014

I Used To Be Snow White But I Drifted*

In honor of all the winter we're having, and we're having a lot, I quoted *Mae West for my title. That gal was a hoot. 

Today I have more from my Smash My Life book. Catchy title, huh? 


This is a page where I put some journaling cards about what tv shows and movies I'm enjoying right now. I doodled a bit and added washi for color.

And this page already had the pie chart, I just filled it in and added a stamp I colored with Prisma pencils. The stamp is from Viva Las VegaStamps. I love their amazing and unique stamps. I get mine unmounted because it's cheaper and I'm not stamping 100 at a time, so I figured I can handle the ink-the-stamp-and-lay-the-paper-on-top method for the flexible rubber. You can get them mounted as well, though.

That's it for today, stay warm if you're in most of the USA. They're canceling class at the universities, so you know it's going to be cold tomorrow!