Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'm a smidge Irish, so I feel I can officially say, "Erin Go Braugh!" which I had to look up to find out it means, "Ireland Forever!" But now we all know and can use it confidently and proudly. Here's a little free clipart if you want to break out the markers today.

And here are some more experiments in watercolor. These are roses made with Tombow markers that I scribbled on an acrylic stamp block and then picked up with a paintbrush to apply to watercolor paper. 

On these roses, I used yellows and a bit of pink and orange. Then I did a little splash/dot thing just to try out with a very wet brush that I tapped above the paper. I used blue, green and pink for that.

I used pink and dark pink markers and then used some Prismacolor pencils after it was dry to shade the flowers and make the leaves more distinct. I didn't love the watercolor paper I used for this. It just took the paint in a weird way. And yes, that's the technical term. Weird.

I used Solar White paper made for stamping for these and I liked the way the paint moved on it...but it did curl a bit while drying. I could have used a heat gun or something to make it dry faster and that might have helped. This used Tombow markers in pinks and a smidge of yellow. I did some Prismacolor penciling on top and I think this is my fave of the three. It's not yet a card, but I'm heading in that direction.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to You!