Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Celebrate National Craft Month

I think we should all get a cake and a card from someone to celebrate, but not sure who should send it. Maybe my mom will make me a craft cake! How about one like this? Can you even believe it's a cake?!

Failing that kind of celebration, I will celebrate by showing you a fun thing to try with gelatos. I used these colors and canvas paper, which holds water well and has some texture.  I'm guessing everyone has tried using a paintbrush with gelatos, but maybe not with this paper.

1. Use washi to hold the paper down.

2. Scribble on the paper with a few colors of Faber Castell gelatos.

3. Using a paintbrush and a good amount of water, spread the color over the whole page. Let dry.

4. Stamp an image over the multi-colored surface, trim and adhere to a card. Add a greeting and bling if you are me.

The end. 

And here's another way to celebrate craft month--go to Design Memory Craft Blog to enter their cool giveaways this week!

Have a Good Hump-DAY!