Friday, March 21, 2014

It's Spring! At Least for Today!

It's officially Spring here in Ohio and today it's sunny and will be in the 60s...woot! So excited. There is snow in the forecast, but we'll let future Chark worry about that. Today it's Spring!

Here's an adorable book cover for Book Cover of the Week...I loooovvee this illustrator and adore her style. Cally Johnson-Isaacs rocks. This is a new book, so I haven't read it, but I'm ordering it from the library to see it first-hand. It's perfect for Spring and for those Easter baskets if the Easter Bunny needs ideas.

I'm going to see if I can actually sit down and make some things today for fun and profit (tee hee) and if you're interested in joining me this weekend, here are two challenges.

Little Tangles is having an envelope challenge, which is cool and just a little different, and there's a video from Jennifer McGuire to inspire you.

This is a new challenge blog that offers guest team designer spots for winners!

Happy Weekend!