Monday, March 24, 2014

Pinterest Pizza

I have a lot of recipes pinned on my pinterest account and wanted to try a pizza quesadilla I had pinned. This is the pin photo.

and here's mine. It turned out well, although I should've toasted the tortilla on both sides in the skillet before adding the ingredients. It's quick and tasty and I'll probably make it again. I used Carb Balance from Mission. I try to only buy these because they have fiber and they don't taste like the whole wheat tortillas do, they taste like white ones.

Another almost-pizza-but-a-bit-different idea is to use Crescent Rolls (left in rectangles and seams pinched) and add pizza fillings and bake as directed for the crescents. Yum! We have these a lot. Add a large amount of filling but go light on the sauce.

And here's a little paper-pieced pizza I made once upon a time, just to tie all this up in a crafty bow.

Happy Monday, and now I want a pizza,