Friday, September 12, 2014

Freaky Friday

Loved the movie Freaky Friday back in the day when it starred Jodie Foster as the daughter and I even enjoyed the version with the actress-not-tabloid-fodder Lindsay Lohan. It's just a funny concept of a mom and daughter switching places for a day. I think it might be one of those life lessons for most of us to be able to do this. I know this—if I had to live my daughter's life for a day, I would be one exhausted puppy. Just reading her to-do lists make me tired!

Here's the Freaky part of today's post—this Book Cover of the Week. I just read this and enjoyed it, although it was pretty creepy. It's a young adult book with a few real vintage photos of asylums. As they say, old prisons and asylums are the most haunted places. And even if I never saw a ghost, I know an old asylum would give me the creeps. I liked the book, especially the added photos.

Here's the Unfreaky part of today's post—using your Project Life cards and other Pocket Cards in new ways. I love these cards and although I'm not a pocket scrapper, I buy them as if I were. I use them for cards, for traditional layouts and other paper crafts. Here's the easiest thing to do with them. Laminate them (at the UPS store for example) and then pop a magnet on the back for decorating your fridge or white board.  Taa Daa! These were hard to photograph but they say "Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken," "Dream Big," and "Be You." I like this set for graduation cards too. They came from Michael's and Me & My Big Ideas. You can get them at Jo Ann's online and they're on sale. You're welcome.

Happy Friday and stay away from haunted asylums!