Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Freebies For Friends

Thought I'd post some beautiful free digi art images for the holidays today. If you're looking for tags, you can find these adorable tags for FREE from Nina Seven Illustrations at  We Love to Illustrate.

This site also has these free downloadable images from Julissa Mora. The artists at this site are children's illustrators with experience and talent and who just give away some of their amazing work for use by us regular folk. I just love each of their styles. I think I could use this to make an envelope, or make it smaller and write on the back for a tag. It'd make a cute card for a foodie gift if you make those. Cuteness abounds at We Love to Illustrate.

If you like classic tags, here's a freebie from Creature Comforts. This blog has a collection of free tags for use.

And here's another from them. Love the flowery noel.

And I wanted to tell you guys how excited I was to get a little honorable mention shout-out over at the Prima blog. I didn't win, but they featured this tag on their post. It made me happy because this kind of work is a little outside my comfort zone but I thought I'd give it a whirl. I'm loving the Julie Nutting dolls and stamps and this features one of the wooden dolls. I had to Stickle her, of course. But, then, you knew there'd be glitter somewhere.

Happy Last-Friday-Before-Christmas!! I'm off to finish shopping!