Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Go, Char, It's Your Birthday

No lie, the husband sang this little ditty to me today. It is, in fact, my birthday and I'm celebrating 47 years (which seems crazy in some ways—wasn't I just in my 20s?). I'm happy to be here, though, so I'll take the 47 years and my goofy husband's song with a smile.

Here's a card from my lovely sister-in-law, Donna, who claims she isn't a cardmaker. This card proves her wrong and she even made a parchment envelope for it!

I love the little 3-d cake inside, isn't it cute?

What I did think was a little disconcerting was the birthday wish from Google today...I saw the cakes and thought, who's having a birthday today (like Isaac Newton or someone?)...and it said Happy Birthday Char...Google knows all and tells all. Creepy or fun, you decide. I've already chosen creepy.

I'm off to celebrate my big day after my birthday nap :)

Hope you have a great day too! Happy Wednesday!