Monday, April 20, 2015

Rainy Days And Mondays

Yep, it's raining and it's Monday. I'm not really down like the song says, but I am dying for a nap and I've only been up for two hours. I blame the gloomy day outside...snuggling in bed seems like a great idea. But first, I'll share a gift bag I made for my niece's bridal shower.

I started with a huge white bag from Hobby Lobby, then added a piece of 12x12 Mr. & Mrs. scrapbook paper from there and added paper roses I made with burgundy cardstock. The bunting I made from really old paper I won—I just freehand cut the shape, hole punched and threaded ribbon through. Easy to make, although it took forever to glue the roses. Making them takes a minute or two, but then I fussed with the shape and width and then finally used some liquid glue to secure them, which takes awhile to dry.

Here's a close-up of the paper roses. I used two sheets of 12x12 cardstock. The biggest rose is one sheet by itself. Here's a tutorial on felt roses that I applied to paper roses. Works just the same. Start with a basic circle and then spiral cut and roll. You can ink the edges of the paper after assembling the roses if you want more depth.

Happy Monday! Off to napzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz