Friday, April 17, 2015

Stencil Me In For Friday

I made a little play on words there—I wanted to show a stenciled card I did for a2z Scrapbooking today, so I asked you to stencil me in instead of pencil me in. I know, I'm hilarious. At any rate, here's a peek at the card over on the blog today. 

I used two different stencils and a digi stamp that I colored in. I really like how digi stamps can be different sizes...especially when we're talking about sentiments. I used a flower digi on this one. Hop over and say Hi!

And here's a little throwback photo that I just tucked into my Smash book. It's my kids, humoring their mother when she says, "ok, pose like that library statue and then let me take pics." This was about 7 or 8 years ago, when the little buggers were actually little. Now they're all old and stuff. Rotten kids, they just grow up on you. :) Luckily, I have this pic!

Happy Friday!
p.s. I was asked to sign a couple of books today for a giveaway by my son's orthodontist. It's Month of the Military Child in April and they try to support military families. Cool, huh? I probably should wear my shades when I go over and like, a scarf or something writerly. yep, writerly is a me, I'm a writer. jk! I'll probably sign it wrong or something! I'll let you know if I do so we can laugh together.

p.p.s. It went fine, but they suprised me with a photo op for the facebook page. Hop over to comment if you know a military family with kids or have a school library you'd like to donate to. Mori Orthodontics is the best.