Monday, May 11, 2015

Lisa's Card Is Awesome

So, this post is about my design teammate and Hero Arts flickr friend, Lisa Haines. A talented cardmaker, Lisa is also one of those women who makes you feel glad she's around. She writes uplifting comments, she never gives up, and she's just so open about everything. Unfortunately, Lisa just announced she has stupid brain cancer. I know she can beat this, and moreover, she know she can!! 

Lisa is always so supportive of other people that when she mentioned a fundraiser to help with her medical bills, I knew I had to join in. The wallet is gorgeous and I've never seen purple like this before!

I'm not the only person who thinks Lisa rocks, since her wallets (made by her daughter-in-law) sold out! A new fundraiser is coming soon and I'll make sure I link to it when it does. In the meantime, I had to share this card that Lisa made for me when she sent the wallet. 

This is what talent looks like in my opinion. This card isn't fussy, and it uses just a few elements, but in the right hands you get classy and beautiful. Am I right?!

Thanks, Lisa, for thinking of me and sending me this beauty in the midst of all that has to be on your mind. You rock!!

Happy Monday!