Wednesday, October 14, 2015

National Pizza Month

Yeah, boy! I love pizza, and we just ordered Jet's. I had a pizza boat which is a gooey mess of cheese, mushrooms and green peppers (in my case), along with pizza sauce and garlic/parmesan crust. It's huge and delicious. 

If you like fast and easy recipes, here's one I kinda stole and changed a little from Martha Stewart. 1.
1. Take frozen roll dough, place in greased muffin cups and let rise in a warm place til doubled in size. 
2. Push down and deflate the dough in the cups. Take out and stretch a little and put back into the cups.
3. Add 1 Tablespoon pizza sauce and cheese and a couple of toppings and bake at 400° F for 12-15 minutes. Don't use too many toppings, since these puff up and can spill over.
Everyone loves these at my house.

Here's the original recipe for their instructions.

As for the crafty side of pizza, you can buy these here or make something similar if you're talented.

If I were thinking ahead, I'd have made you a pizza related card, but you'll have to settle for these Winnie & Walter cards I made with their free holiday digi images here and their rose dies. I used the same watercolor background I made with Distress Inks and watercolor paper.

Happy Wednesday!


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  2. Pizza is a true weakness for me! Your recipe looks so yummy, and so do those miniature slices! Beautiful cards! I love the watercoloring behind the deer, I can see hills and tufts of grass!

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  4. What fun variations of pizza. Cute cards too!

  5. What fun variations of pizza. Cute cards too!

  6. Fun with the pizza variety of different variations. Nice cards!


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