Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Something Wicked This Way Comes

I feel I should insert an evil laugh here....MWAH HAH HAH!!  Ok, that works. I'm working on my blank chipboard houses for the Artfully Musing Haunted Village Challenge.

So far, I have two nearly finished and two to go. It's been fun and challenging, as I think this through. I can never match Laura Carson's work (who is the Queen over at Artfully Musing). I call her the Queen because she is untouchable! Her work is absolutely gorgeous every time and so original and so intricate. Here's a sample of her non-scary miniature work. And a close-up.

That's a lot of creative work, my friends!

Ok, here's a peek at my houses for the Haunted Village fun to take a blank house and some of Laura's collage sheets and get to work.

Since I didn't purchase the roof set of collage sheets, I had to make my own, which came together quickly...but I was at a crop without heavy paper, so my use of water to blend and age the roof warped it a bit. Luckily, we're talking haunted houses, so anything goes! If you click on Laura's link above or on my sidebar, you can see all her gorgeous art for the village that you can purchase.

Happy  Haunted Wednesday!