Monday, November 2, 2015

Authors Need Love Too

(Winners from the CASEing Kelly blog hop are in this post below)

In celebration of authors everywhere, yesterday was National Author's Day in the U.S. Here's the funny thing, I've never heard of it until this year and it's been around since 1949. That leads me to believe we don't celebrate authors enough. 

Writers open new worlds, introduce us to new people and new ways of thinking and doing and living, plus they make us laugh and cry. I personally believe you can learn something from everything you read. 

Do you read your cereal box? You know how many calories, fiber and sugar in your Cocoa Sugar Bombs. Do you read historical fiction? You know how customs and fashion has changed. Do you like Stephen King? Then you know exactly what scares you and what can happen if you go too close to a sewer drain (thank you, It, for freaking me out about evil clowns). If you read graphic novels, you can learn about Norse mythology (thanks, Thor) and if you read Shakespeare, well, you learn a lot about people and funny language from the 16th century.

Got a favorite author? Send them a little Thank You email if they're living, or if not, give them a shout-out on your blog and link to their books. Purchase a new author's books to support them or give books to a charity that collects them. Books rock, writers rock and words rock. 

I can't share just one favorite author, but here are a few of my favorite books from living authors.

St. Iggy by KL Going is a novel about Iggy, a sixteen-year-old whose mom is gone and dad is stoned and his best friend is a law-school drop out who smokes pot. It's hard to find your place in the world with no skills and no one to help you. The journey of Iggy is eye-opening.

Red Scarf Girl by Ji-li Jiang—a memoir about the Chinese Cultural Revolution, something I knew nothing about and found fascinating. This reads like historical fiction, but has the punch of truth behind it. A must-read.

Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh—I found Allie's unique art online and found her hilarious, and when I picked up her book, I found her insightful. Her drawings crack me up and her writing style is just as funny. What surprised me was how truthful her writing about depression was. She breaks it down for anyone who doesn't struggle with depression and she's spot on about how it feels and makes you laugh anyway.

If you've seen this online, you've seen Allie's work.

Happy Belated Author's Day to people brave enough to face that blank page and share knowledge with the world!

And I have a project up at a2z Scrapbooking Supplies today, I'd love for you to pop by and say hi! Here's a peek at one of the tags. We have a new challenge for the month up too and will be announcing the winners from the Sept and Oct soon very soon!

Oh, and before I go, here's a list of the winners from the CASEing Kelly Blog Hop—thanks to everyone who commented!

• the Winter 2015 card kit from Create a Smile Stamps #3 Maaike Uijthoven (from Jen Lotfield’s blog)
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Yay, winners!! Congrats! They'll be contacting you soon, Jeanne!!

Happy Monday,