Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Picture Book Month

So, I love, love, love picture books. Always have, always will. Loved reading them to the kids and I love picking them up at the store or library today. Since it's Picture Book Month, let's share some faves!

The Happy Hocky Family by Lane Smith (see also, John, Paul, George and Ben about the founding fathers). Baby Hocky eats a candy apple. "I have a loose tooth, do you have a loose tooth? I have a loose tooth."

I first read this to my son (15) when he was little and loved how funny it is, they are so cute and this whole book makes me smile, even the author's note. "I have a Caldecott, do you have a Caldecott, I have a Caldecott."

Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes. I found Lilly when my daughter (21) was little. I looovveee Lilly. She's so real! And adorable and the words read so smoothly. She gets a present from her granny and can't keep quiet about it at school, even though she knows she should. She gets in trouble, gets mad at the teacher, feels bad, and makes up with the teacher. I think every kid has gone through this cycle. It's so fun to read aloud.

And also from my daughter's time, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Lois Ehlert...another one that's fabulous to read aloud.

And one of our all-time faves, Arnie the Doughnut by Laurie Keller...LOVE! She wrote The Scrambled States of America too but this one is our favorite by a hair. She has a fabulous website too, click her name to check it out.

When Arnie realizes he's about to be eaten...

Got a fave picture book? Tell me so I can read it too! My son literally still calls a sprinkled doughnut an in, "I'll take an Arnie." lol!

Happy Wednesday,