Friday, November 13, 2015

Mini Treat Bags Are Big Fun

If you have a big party coming up, family dinner or maybe even a graduation or wedding, you can make cute and inexpensive personalized treat bags pretty quickly. You can start with any envelope, seal the all your flap with adhesive, stamp, crease the long edges and one short edge. Trim open the last edge and fold. Turns into a little gift bag cute enough for any occasion.

I used Hero Arts Leafy Vine stamp, silver Staz-On ink and lavender envelopes. Then I stapled silver cardstock and glitter cardstock flags to the top. Easy! I use an envelope board for creasing and a little adhesive on the folded flaps on the bottom.

You can add phrases or initials or whatever you like to personalize each one. These would make place settings at the holidays with holiday colors.

Here's a how-to video (not mine) if you need clarification on how to do this. These are small because I used a smaller envelope, but just think—you could make a large one from a 9x12 manila envelope. That'd be fun for a gift!

Happy Friday! Wednesday! Friday!  whatever day it is...I swear I typed Friday and thought 'wishful thinking, it's wed' and posted it and then had to literally check the calendar...ok, it is Friday and I'm delirious...could not need a nap more.