Friday, December 11, 2015

Gingerbread Decorating Day

Tomorrow is officially Gingerbread Decorating Day. As a gingerbread (cake and cookie form) lover, I'm happy to know there's an official decorating day. Because naked gingerbread boys are just disturbing. :) 

We always do gingerbread houses here and yes, each kid wants their own, and yes, my kids are 15 and 21 and I tried to stop the tradition last year and heard all about it. So, I'm planning to make them again. Not tomorrow, of course!

Here's a throwback to 2009 of the kids decorating one house for a local competition. We didn't win, but it was fun to try!

So you like gingerbread? My kids will keep eating these houses until they're extremely dry. But if you dunk it in milk (or tea!) it's just fine!
Here's a recipe in case you're craving gingerbread.

And today begins the Coffee Lovers' Bloghhop, where you can win prizes and see amazing coffee, tea and cocoa projects galore! 
Happy Friday!