Friday, January 22, 2016

What Did The Rancor Say

after he ate a Wookiee? Mmmm...chewy.

Get it? Hilarious, am I right? You're welcome. Of course, only those fans of Star Wars and those of us forced to be fans by your kids like me will get this.

I decided to get these adorable Star Wars digi stamps from 2 Cute Ink Digital Stamps. I'm in the monthly club ($5 a month for 6 stamps) and you can get any images in the store for just $1, so I snapped this one up, along with a lot of others. Each stamp is usually $3.99, so it's a good deal.

I've been coloring like a crazy woman lately, thanks to these stamps. My prismacolor pencils are wearing down! They're just so cute and it's fun to do while watching tv, so that's been my schedule the last few days. I'll be back with more images soon...I may even make cards with them :)

Happy Friday,


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