Monday, February 29, 2016

Oscar Recap

It was a good time here at our little Oscar party, with just six of us this year able to be here. But we carried on and partied for more. :)

We had my go-to chicken recipe here, mozzarella sticks, jalepeno poppers, pizza puffs and potato skins, along with some chocolate ecstasy trifle.

It is always a big hit when I make it for any occasion. Any my favorite (and only) daughter helped me by making the brownies while I was busy making a Mad Max mask for my favorite (and only) son.

Okay, I have to say Heidi Klum got some bad advice about this dress. It's kinda weird and not flattering to her figure. I'm not a fan of the one-shoulder look anyway, but the right side of her dress looks like a 70s mother-of-the-bride dress.

I did notice two things—trains and the deepest plunging necklines were veerryy popular. Like all the stylists got together and said, you gotta have your star in a v-neck that could at any minute become a wardrobe malfunction or a train on the dress...or both!

I thought Kate Blanchett looked kind of like a cake, with pastel icing flowers, but since I like cake, that didn't bother me. Plus it's one of my favorite colors, so even though it was a little different, I still liked it. She has both the train and the scarily deep v-neck. Honestly, how do they move?

I missed seeing Mindy Kalig in person on the show, but I love this dress. It might be just a tad too old for her (or maybe it's her hair that makes her look older), but I do love the bright cape/train/sleeves in the back and how it makes the classic black gown more fun.

Sofia Vergara looked fabulous, but as she walked to the mic to give an award, I was a little afraid for the cameraman. Was he ready to avert the camera in case anything, um, popped out? Hope so, because it was a distinct possibility. I'm thinking straps might be the way to go for her next time. Just an opinion. I love the glittery bits sprinkled throughout the gown.

Hey, look, a v-neck...and more of Olivia Wilde's chest than I really ought to see since we're not married. Double-sided wardrobe tape must hurt when it's removed if it can keep things in place this well!

Train alert! I really liked Jennifer Garner's dress, even though it does have the different sleeve action going on, which again isn't my favorite. Lots of class and looks just right on her.

Charize Theron has both the train and neckline that I hope at least saves them money, since the fabric is missing from the top of the dress. She's beautiful in this, but it's still not my favorite look, especially since it was the Look Of The Night apparently.

I think my fave dress of the night belongs to Naomi's all symmetry (no long sleeve/no sleeve look), no plunging v-neck, beautiful color, shimmer and a dress different enough to stand out. It's a little mermaid-looking but it's not campy as it would be if it actually had the fuller bottom mermaid-style hem. Love!

And my favorite guy's look (don't they all wear the same thing?) was Kevin Hart's sparkly (rocks, gems?) tux. Now, that's a unique look in a sea of tuxedos. Not sure too many dudes can pull it off, but I think he kinda did.

You can see more Oscar dress pics here if you want.

I didn't win the Oscar picks, but I did finish with a respectable 13/24. Probably my best year ever in getting the winners right. My husband and daughter ties with 17. Crazy, considering they didn't get all of the same answers and neither got the best picture category right. The son was on the board with 6, but he and I don't ever do any research, so we're usually trailing. At any rate, it was a good time.

Happy Leap Day!


  1. Ah fun! Thanks for sharing the dresses. I saw some of them last night & some of these I did not. I am also not a fan v-necks down to the belly button. We had good food too & about 15 people at my sis-in-laws. I got about 8 correct & saw hardly any of the movies. I didn't win for most correct or the least correct.

    1. that sounds fun! We should do a least correct prize too! I've only seen two of the movies! sad but true :)

  2. This is an awesome post as I didn't get to see the Oscars last night (busy working). That trifle looks fabulous!! Who knew there were so many variations of deep plunges and trains...haha!


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