Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Puppy Love

Now, I've got to admit I loved the song Puppy Love by Donny Osmond back in the day, so I'll post a video of it here for old time's sake, as long as you keep in mind I was only 4 when this song was that makes me so much younger than Donny and Marie. SO much younger. Okay, now that we've established how very young I am, we can continue with the post.  :)

Here is a digi from 2 Cute Ink (again with the 2 Cute stamps!) that I colored in two ways, both with Prismacolor but different colors.

I like the Dalmatian better personally. You'll notice on the first one, though, the candy is for the doggie, I added a tag so you'd know it was puppy-safe chocolate. 

The hello digi is a freebie from Neat & Tangled here.

And I wanted to share this tasty-looking doggie idea with you too. I mean, so cute! How could you eat them?

This valentine is so clever and it's a free printable from here, you just need to buy glow stick bracelets for it, and if my son was young enough to send valentines to school, we'd be making these. Love it! Even though it is in no way dog/puppy related, I felt I'd better share now in case you need a valentine idea before the big day!

Happy Wednesday!