Monday, February 22, 2016

You're a Doll

I got this fun image at A Day for Daisies and love it! She looks like the old-fashioned Barbies with the real eyelashes that my older sister had (which is why I added this sentiment). I had Malibu Barbie, and she was definitely more modern with her tan and straight blond hair.

I added some retro colors (aqua and rose pink) and some fun glitter gumdrops by Your Next Stamp. I gave her a little mole too, just for fun. Of course I added some glitter paper strips to match the gumdrops and a patterned paper with roses for the base.

Did you hear Mattel is coming out with some new Barbies that are more like our population (varied in color, size and shape)? Seems like a fine idea to me. Course, now you'll have to buy all different kinds of clothes because one dress won't fit all the dolls...clever, Mattel, clever. 

Thanks for being such a doll and visiting and commenting on my blog!

Happy Monday!