Friday, March 4, 2016

Bordering on Obsession?

I dunno, friends, I'm doing lots of coloring. Like, a lot. Now that I've joined the 2 Cute Ink Stamp Club, where you get new digis every month, I've been breaking out my Prismacolor pencils a few times a week.

Sure I do it when I'm watching TV, or talking to friends, so it's more multi-tasking than finding new pockets of time, but not gonna lie, I'm wearing down the pencils!

Ah well, there are worse things than printing out these cutie stamps (or the digis I've gotten from A Day for Daisies) and then relaxing with a few while I drink my tea at night...right?

Here are two from the other day. I love this bird, he's going on a birthday card very soon.

And this bunny will be doing Easter card duty soon. So, all this coloring is good for the mind and they'll be sent in the mail to someone, so I guess this obsession is just about right for me. Now, my cupcake obsession? That's a whole 'nother story. But when the local bakery makes the best buttercream ever, can you blame me? :)

Happy Friday!