Friday, March 11, 2016

New Toy

Technically, it's more of a tool, but it's fun to me, so it's my new toy—the Creative Hot Marks wood burner. They market this one to scrapbookers for different uses and I will admit I'll use it for some of those projects, but it's really just a woodburning tool.

I got mine from Michael's, but this site explains it better and is about the price I paid for mine when using the 40% off coupon at

Here are some of things I've been fooling around with. The first is a little piece of birch branch I bought in a pack at Michael's. To which my husband said, so you bought something someone was going to throw out. Um, kinda. I used two different tips for this.

This is cork and I just freehanded a rose to get a feel for the cork. It's not smooth, obviously, so there are some jumps with the tool and cork is so soft you can burn deeper and darker than you expect to at first.

I tried to use a frosted wallet insert to make a pocket plastic shaker, but my tool might've been too hot, because it left the black marks at the top which I assume are burnt plastic. It can still be used as a shaker, but I'll have to practice if I'm ging to do this a lot.

This was my favorite project. I took a wooden word from Mike's and then use different tips with the tool to make designs. Then I inked it with Distress Inks for an ombre look. I might need to add some Stickles to finish it off.

What have you been working on?
Happy Weekend, set those clocks ahead an hour! Nooooo!