Friday, April 8, 2016

Cards and Congrats

I have two cards similar to two cards I created for the Lasting Hearts Card Drive that I wanted to use as sympathy cards. I tend to (probably like most people) make a lot of die cuts at the same time, stamp the same images on multiple card fronts and also watercolor a bunch of things at the same time. 

If I'm going to break out the Big Shot or my paints and brushes, I will get as much out of the mess as I can. Because then it all gets put away for the next time, and I don't want to think, darn, if only I had made two heart dies so I could use another one today. 

That's why these two cards are similar to my other two from last week.

I find sympathy cards difficult to make in advance, because you don't know who they're for but I think birds and hearts are pretty universal and someone will find them comforting, I hope.

And now for the Congrats part of the post. My daughter, who will be graduating from the University of Kentucky very shortly, received the Raymond Betts Crystal Award for her outstanding service to the Honors Program at UK. She's been a peer mentor for three years, began the successful Arts Night Gala for student music and art, started a Harry Potter themed Murder Mystery night that had 80 participants this year (and which she wrote), has been a helpful hand, listening ear and just generally been her awesome self in the Honors Program. I wasn't able to get there, but here's the pic she sent from Monday night's award ceremony. Congratulations for being honored for your service to other students, Colleen, so proud!

Happy Friday, friends!