Monday, April 11, 2016

Doodling The Night Away

So, last night we were catching up on some tv, Elementary is one of my faves, and I had a pad of paper and a pen and everyone knows that means I doodled the whole time.

Here's what I came up with, among other stuff. I found this quote by Richard Burton, who is apparently not the actor associated with Liz Taylor, but some dude who lived in the 1800s. But that's ok, I love the quote!

I'd already drawn the cocoa and just had to color and trim it out. I couldn't resist making the marshmallows have faces, but that's kind of sad, because presumably they'll be melting. Oh well, they look like they're having fun! 

I based this on Nancy Drew who always seems to rely on cocoa and cinnamon toast for a tasty snack...and she's not wrong, it is tasty. Here's the original cover of one of her cinnamon toasts snacks from the 30s and the one I read from the 60s.

Happy Monday,