Monday, October 10, 2016

Woodburning Made Easy

I'm in no way good at woodburning, but I felt like it was a cool thing and wanted to try it. I got the Hotmarks tool since I saw someone use it in making shaker pockets too for cards. 

Turns out, it is super cool to do and the effects are unique, so I keep trying things. Here's a wood plaque I made for a teacher with my favorite Altenew Peony Bouquet stamp.

All you need to do is stamp in brown (I used Distress Ink in Vintage Photo) and then use that as your template. 

Here's what I learned about woodburning in the process; one, even if you mess up, it still looks pretty cool, two, sand the wood piece a little in case it has an oil or shine to it, and three, use a glass cutting board to set the stand on and tape the stand down. I never had any problems, but that was my way of circumventing problems—mostly because my firefighter husband asked, "You're not going burn the place down, are you?" I didn't, and I waited til he was out to give it a shot. Less stress for both of us, ha!

Happy Monday!