Monday, December 5, 2016

A Magical Read

This stamp is from A Day for Daisies and I looovvee it! It's so sweet and reminds me of my daughter, who would rather read than almost anything. She taught herself to read at age three, by saying, "point to the words" as we read to her. So we did. And I remember her getting the little words, a, an, and the right away in a Berenstain Bears book. It wasn't long until she cracked the whole code and I could get her books from the library that she could ready by herself at age 3 and a half.

I made this notebook over by tearing text from old books (painful and yet a great way to upcycle stained books), and adhering them with Mod Podge. Then I used distress inks to smudge color about. I colored the image with pencils, trimmed and adhered with more Mod Podge. Then I added white gel pen accents and a sentiment and use some sequins to make a galaxy.

My darling daughter is twenty-two now and still devouring all the books...and gives me recommendations along the way. I'm so glad she found the same magic in books I did. There are worlds and people and ideas you've never dreamed of found in the pages of those books and I learn so much each time I pick up a new one. I remember my husband saying he only read superhero comics as a kid until about 16, when he discovered Stephen King. Now he has a special limit from the library on how many books he can have out at a time. The limit is 50 and his is 75. And thanks to Thor comics, he knows his Norse myths history when we play Jeopardy.

So, whatever your kids are reading, let them read. Our son loved Captain Underpants and I seriously disliked it. But it got him reading and he ended up starting Harry Potter books in the 4th grade. That would never have happened without Captain Underpants.

So, yeah, we love books here and believe in the magic of reading. If you want to get this Magical Read digi stamp, head to ADFD.

Happy Monday!