Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dotted Card

I've seen this technique a few times with different masks and wanted to give it a try. I drew and cut out an apple shape, found some Crayola markers that have the bigger tip and got to work. It was easy to make and I thought it turned out well.

The trick is to almost outline the shape so you get a defined shape. I just dotted very close together near the edge of the apple mask and then let the dots get less dense the farther out I went from the mask. Also make sure your adhesive you use isn't going to pull up the paper when you remove it.

 The thank you die is from Heidi Swapp. I used two reds, two oranges and a purply red marker. This one came together fast.  If you need a bunch of cards, use a large shape and large markers. The kids can do this one too...and they can actually outline it if that's easier. Great for end-of-year thank yous for teachers.

And if you're now thinking about apples, check out this Caramel Apple Bread recipe I found on pinterest. Yum! I swear if I ever make half the things I pin, it'll be impressive! 

Happy Wednesday!