Friday, March 9, 2018

Hannah Lynn For The Win

I stinkin' love Hannah Lynn Designs digital stamps. They are lovely and just perfect for coloring. I got this fab steampunk girl called Miss Maribelle a little while ago and couldn't resist trying out some different colors. 

I printed her on coated cardstock because it takes the laser ink well, but it is trickier to use coated paper with the colored pencils. Still works with Prismacolor pencils, but layering to get deeper colors is a little harder...the paper resists the wax in the pencils a little. So I used some Tombow markers and some white Uniball to get more variation.

Here she is in several colors. I tried some darker skin tones by layering my color, but I couldn't get too dark, because when you color over your first layer, it really just replaces the first layer. Almost as if it scratches it off as you color. 

On the Green Girl, I used some marker for darker shadows. She's as dark as I got, since I can't find a good brown that I like. I think I have most of them, but none are just right.

For the Blue Girl, I matched her dress and hair.

For the Blond Girl, I went traditional hair and eye colors but I'm not sure bright purple and blue are really all that steampunk traditional.

And I had to try some yellow clothes since my daughter loves yellow. It's not my all-time fave color, but I liked it with all the pink here.

Here they are on the same sheet, with my color practice on the side. I really can't pick a favorite, because I like and dislike something about each one. But it was definitely fun to try different colors for the same stamp just to see how it affected her look.

All of Hannah Lynn Designs are fun to color and have great hair and eyes. I wouldn't want to color this close of a pic full size, I think it'd get tedious to do an full-sheet with all that hair, but the quarter page or a little larger is a great size for me. I don't get bored. She also sells coloring books and art pieces on her site. So far, I've only purchased the digis, but I've been happy with all of them. They have them at Crafts and Me online as well.

Happy Friday!

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