Monday, July 1, 2019

July 4th Fun and Games

The 4th of July is just days away and if you're wondering how to throw together a fun get-together, I've gathered a bunch of easy ideas for you. And if you don't celebrate the 4th, maybe you'll find something fun to try anyway!

I love this easy craft because if I like one thing, it's glitter...and if you add crafty tapes, I'm extra happy. I could see getting one wooden background and substituting different washi tapes for the seasons, a heart for Valentine's Day, a star for Christmas, etc. It's easy to remove and I'm betting you have some themed washi you could use. Head to No. 2 Pencil to see more.

If you want the kids and the adults to get in on the fun, you can get the supplies for this craft and set up an outdoor craft station to make popsicle stick flags. You can go here to Giggles Galore to find more directions.

If it's hot like it is here in Ohio, here are some cooling games to play at your party, including a Duck, Duck, Goose game called Drip, Drip, Dunk that uses a cup of water. Buzzfeed has some dry outdoor games in this link as well. I'm loving the Yard Yahtzee.

No gathering is complete without delicious treats, so add one or more of these recipes to your menu for red, white and blue fun! These whoopie pie cookies from Fun Squared look easy and delish!

If you're more of a fruit-for-dessert person, why not make these fun kabobs? Fork and Beans has a watermelon "cake" idea too.

I also love how delicious this drink looks, though I'd add a festive blueberry or flag topper.

What if you're not in the mood for a party? Then I suggest popping in your favorite themed movie (Independence Day, Jaws, 1776, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington), making some holiday popcorn and enjoying the air conditioning.

Happy July!

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