Monday, August 31, 2015

Baby Love

So my niece is expecting a little boy any day now and I thought I'd jump on the baby bandwagon (if that's a thing) and do a baby post while we wait. 

Here's a card I made at the lss, The Paper Cottage, with Crate Paper Confetti papers. I added a little wink of stella glitter pen to the stork, but you can't see that here. It's not my design, but I really like it and the papers.


And here's a book that I picked up from a library book sale that is awesome. It's a Better Homes and Gardens Baby Book from 1947 and it covers prenatal through age 6. 

Now, there IS some actual good advice in this book for today's parents, but mostly...oh dear...don't think of following it.

For example, Sun Baths

When the weather's suitable, Baby may be exposed to the direct rays of the sun from the time he's 1 month old....He can get his first sunburn around April 1, and be well tanned by late April, with no ill effects from the exposure.

Eek! It goes on to say, "Baby shouldn't be exposed to the direct rays of a hot midsummer sun," (which is the actual good advice) but I'm pretty sure you don't want to tan your one month old baby, even indirectly.

Stay tuned for more important baby care tips from 1947.

Happy Monday!