Friday, August 28, 2015

That Moment When Your Daughter Becomes An Adult

or...when mothers cry. Okay, I'm kidding about the crying, but today's my first bay's twenty-first birthday!! That is allllll kinds of crazy. So I made her a meme to celebrate! 

It's when you suddenly realize if you're baby is now 21, you are no longer even close to that age yourself and that this kid you've been raising is literally able to do anything without you legally...they don't need you anymore!!

Okay, we all know we need our moms forever, but STILL! it feels like this at times. Of course, it feels awesome to know you've raised an amazing woman who go out and do good things in the world. Who, in fact, has been doing good things for some time. And you are proud...of your ridiculously old kid. (Check back with me when she turns 30, there'll be more screaming.)

So, here's a little baby shoe I made with her birth info after I saw something similar in a Somerset magazine some years ago...I'm still trying to find it so I can credit the artist (if you know who made it for the article, please let me know). I wrote the info in paint pen and then watercolored on top.

And here's a pic of both her shoe and her brother's shoe...who says his looks like a bar of soap. He's not getting a birthday meme when it's his turn and now he knows why. Ha!

Happy Friday!!
p.s. here's the little birthday octopus I posted to her wall
step 1: get cute octopus pic. 
step 2: put a birthday hat on him. add text.
step 3: enjoy bday cuteness.