Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Glitter Makes Me Happy

I'm in the middle of creating a project and decided to add crepe paper rosettes to the project. Afterward, I decided I ought to distress the crepe paper or somehow add to it and I thought of glitter. Instead of traditional glitter, I went with Stickles Gold and rolled the edges of the rosettes in a pile of glitter glue. Love it!

The only real trick to making these is to cover the base circle with adhesive. I used tape runner and at first I missed some spots and it showed, so I tried again and completely covered the circle before adhering the crepe paper. Much better results.

And while I'm feeling the vintage vibe, here is some Baby Advice from 1947 from my Baby Care Book by Better Homes and Garden.

Training to the Chamber
Prepare the smallest size chamber by dipping it in warm water to take off the chill. Place him on your lap, or lay Baby on the bath table on his back. Next put the vessel against his buttocks...After a time Baby will begin to strain and attempt to have the movement when the vessel's applied.

All of this to say, if you want to start potty training your 2-month-old, knock yourself out. It'll be tricky, because you'll have to time it right and keep track of when Baby normally goes and his food intake, but Baby will start to get it. They do advocate waiting until Baby can sit up well on his own (6 months) so you can put him on a "potty" chair (their quotes, not mine) and leave the room for 10 minutes for him to do his business. 

Do you think this actually worked for anyone? It sounds like a lot of work for the mom...and in 1947 it was all mom's work. Though they do have this one photo of the dad holding the baby. The other million are of the mom.

Happy Wednesday!