Friday, January 20, 2017

Mom and Dad Cards

When you're submitting to magazines, you're working ahead and I recently made a few cards to try to get them published. One made the cut, but these two didn't. So, even though it's too early for Mother's Day and Father's Day cards, here they are anyway!

They didn't come out as great as I wanted...I was trying to make cards that kids could recreate with just paper and stickers. But I did have fun trying. The Dad card sentiment is my superhero and the Mom card is Home is where your mom is. My daughter got me a little art piece that says that and I think it's a great sentiment.

Another favorite sentiment of mine is this one. Cuz I like my books!

Speaking of books, I love this Pinterest idea for a swtichplate...don't you? 

Books rock...I just finished The Rivals of Versailles (2nd in a series, but I didn't read the first one and it didn't really matter that I was starting with book 2) by Sally Christie and it was a great book for immersing yourself in Versailles Palace in the years of Marquise de Pompadour and Louis XV. 

That's it for today, hope you get in some crafty time or reading time this weekend...I plan to!

Happy Friday,

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dotted Card

I've seen this technique a few times with different masks and wanted to give it a try. I drew and cut out an apple shape, found some Crayola markers that have the bigger tip and got to work. It was easy to make and I thought it turned out well.

The trick is to almost outline the shape so you get a defined shape. I just dotted very close together near the edge of the apple mask and then let the dots get less dense the farther out I went from the mask. Also make sure your adhesive you use isn't going to pull up the paper when you remove it.

 The thank you die is from Heidi Swapp. I used two reds, two oranges and a purply red marker. This one came together fast.  If you need a bunch of cards, use a large shape and large markers. The kids can do this one too...and they can actually outline it if that's easier. Great for end-of-year thank yous for teachers.

And if you're now thinking about apples, check out this Caramel Apple Bread recipe I found on pinterest. Yum! I swear if I ever make half the things I pin, it'll be impressive! 

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Hero Arts Spring Release

As you may know, the CHA Show (Craft and Hobby Association) is coming up this weekend...and while I'm not going, I do love the show, because right after that, lots of companies debut new releases and show sneak peeks of their products and their make and takes they had for the show. So, it's a very creative time for lots of us. I'm looking forward to seeing what little videos come from it.

Hero Arts put up their new Spring 2017 catalog today on their site and swoon! Inside the catalog, there's a gorgeous coloring layering Peacock stamp set, birthday stamps, alphabet stamps and dies, cute critters, beautiful stencils and a Hydrangea stamp I think I need, plus some beautiful Poppy stamps. You can click this link to the catalog post over there. 

Remember, you can order any of these stamps from a2z Scrapbooking even if you don't see them on the site yet. Just click the Custom Order button on the shop site and write in what you want. 

Hero Arts allows their vendors to start selling their products on January 25, while their site won't start filling the orders for the new items until February 14th! a2z has you covered for your new goodies early!

And a2z has a special code for my blog visitors CHARK15 to use for 15% off your cart of $25 or more. Hero Arts won't give you that :)

Here's a sneak peek Hero Arts shared on their blog of the Peacock stamp. Gorgeous! See more peeks on their blog here, as well as the catalog itself.

Last thing, don't forget to enter the a2z Scrapbooking Challenge this month to try to win the $25 gift code to the store... the theme is Anything Goes! So grab your Hero Arts products and get crafty!

Happy Monday!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Wanna Color?

I'm part of the Kit and Clowder facebook group and they offer coloring classes. I've only taken the free classes at this point, but I think I'll be taking the skin tones class soon. It's tricky for me and I could use a little instruction. If you're in the FB group, you can often pick up some freebie stamps too.

I watched the free cupcake coloring class video (and picked up the freebie digital) here and it was really helpful! I used what I learned to work on the hair of this little cutie stamp that was free through the FB group.

Then I decided to shake things up and go with blue hair. I used some of this shadow technique and some of the hair coloring techniques I had already picked up. I think the key is in getting the really dark shades and then contrasting with the white/light shades. I added in some white prismacolor pencil on top of the colors too.

You can tell if you look closely that I was coloring in a recliner at night while watching I sometimes got a little wild with the pencils and went outside the lines :) But I can always trim these if I want to use them anywhere. And if I end up using this cupcake, you know it'll have Stickles somewhere!

Have you taken online classes? I love them, though I have had a couple that felt less than great, though I did manage to learn something in each one. My favorite so far have been the Kit and Clowder coloring and the Online Watercoloring Card class with Jennifer McGuire. I feel like you get a lot of content for the price with the Jennifer McGuire classes. And if you don't want to spend money, just watch her blog/youtube videos. She's a Master's Degree level instructor...if they had a Master's Degree in Cardmaking!

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wedding Card in White and Gold

I made a wedding card for a friend and went to a favorite embossing folder that makes a lovely diamond pattern. I tried to make a shaker card with a die in the front, but as you may or may not know, I totally blow at those. I've never made one I'm happy with. I get glue on the window, the sequins get stuck to the pop up adhesive and don't shake, the thing is crooked...I could go on. 

I should've kept it to show you, but instead I just pulled the thing apart and started fresh. I am happy with the non-shaker version below. 

I had to add some glitz and debated on Stickles glitter glue or glitter paper, but instead I went with gold paper. A classy choice I think for a wedding card. And it only took me a false turn and a couple hours! :) You know what I'm talking about, I hope. 

And, on a related note, the very first recipe I made (with my mom's help) was at age 7 when I saw a recipe in our Weekly Reader magazine at school for Mexican Wedding Cookies. I liked them enough, but I like them a lot more now. There are a lot of ground nuts and it makes the texture a little different than most cookies. I hope my classmates enjoyed my first foray into baking!

Here's a recipe for them if you've never tried them. 

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, January 9, 2017

National Hobby Month

I didn't even know there was a Hobby Month until Michael's told me in an helpful of them! And while they were telling me that, they offered me some coupons. Now, I can't resist a good sale or coupon, so of course, I'm trying to decide what I actually need vs. what I want. That's the trouble with hobbies, they expand to fill your space!

Even if your hobby is collecting baseball cards, you'll need a bunch of binders and page protectors to go along with your cards and future cards, so those little guys add up to a lot of space taken up in the closet.

One hobby I enjoy but really don't do enough is scrapbooking. I love creating a page and journaling and putting down memories in writing so I don't forget. When I first started, I wondered how people could forget they had a product and then purchase it twice--I read someone had done that in a forum. Now, of course, I've become one of "those" people :)

This page is from two years ago, when I was invited to be a Guest Detective at CSI here. That was pretty have to take some of the clues and evidence and then put them together in a page.

If you're interested in checking them out, their blog is now here.

Another hobby I've picked up recently is wood burning. It's challenging but cool and I enjoy it. Here's a project I made with a wooden word from Michael's...or JoAnn's. After burning the design in, I colored with Distress Inks.

I love to bake as a hobby too. Cooking I only do as a must, baking I do because it's fun and tasty!
One thing I'm itching to try is the thin cookie recipe here. Sometimes I like a soft cookie, but lately, thin and crispy seems to be winning me over.

So what are your hobbies? Anything you'd like to try but haven't yet? I've tried needle felting and I'm not that good at it, but I have my supplies, so whenever the mood strikes, I'll give it another shot.

How can you see cuties like this and not want to make them yourself? You can buy them here, but I just want to make them so I can have all of them!

Happy Hobby Month!