Monday, April 14, 2014

Let's Do Some Cow Punching!

As I understand it, this term really means branding cows, but I'm talking about making cows for layouts and cards with paper punches. 

Here is a variety of punched animals I made that were super easy. For the cow, I used and oval punch for the body and two ovals for the head. The pink nose is just sideways. The ears are a circle like the spot, cut apart. The legs are a trimmed down square punch.

I used my scallop punch for the sheep, along with a circle punch for the head and a square for the feet. The ears are a circle cut apart.

The chicks were the most fun, just a small scallop and bits of orange for the feet and beaks that I trimmed. The mother chicken is a large white circle with 1/4 trimmed off and a circle punch for the head. Again, I just trimmed the legs and beak from a piece of orange paper.

The pig is two circles. I cut the ears and legs by hand and a bit of thin pink for the tail. Then I curled that part with a pencil. 

And that's how you punch a cow at my house. These would be fun for a kid's party as cupcake toppers or goodie bag decorations. Also, if you have a farm visit or petting zoo visit to scrap, this would be perfect. 

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Another Fun Food Friday!

It's a little installment I like to call Fun Food Friday, the phrase I borrowed from my firefighter husband. During the week, they all chip in $5 a shift and one person shops and cooks dinner, but if they're working on Fridays, they order out instead. And they call it Fun Food Fridays...which I find kinda hilarious. It's not like we're talking about kids here, and they all call it that. So, even though their FFFs seem to include pizza 90% of the time, my post today is about mini quiches. I tried The Gourmand Mom's recipe here

I made a half-batch and got 8 cupcake quiches vs. the 12 you should get. But I didn't add onions and I added the bacon at the end. I added my shredded cheese to the egg mixture instead of putting it in the pan before pouring in the eggs. I added real bacon bits to the tops 5 minutes before taking them out of the oven to keep it crisp and they were yummy. I had to include the cute bunny plate, which is rather large. Fill it with salad and you've got brunch!

Hint: Spray the sides with non-stick spray if you've got older pans. I just sprayed the bottoms and the sides were ridiculously hard to clean off. 

I put the extras in the fridge and reheated in the micro and they were just as good! 

I'm going to suggest these pizzas from here for the firefighters to do for their next Fun Food Friday! :) Now, that's definitely fun!

Oh, and here's a crafty freebie for you! From We Love to Illustrate. They do free downloads a few times a year and they are all insanely talented.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Flockers

So I decided since bunnies were soft and fuzzy and it's almost Easter, and I've been wanted to use some of my flocking powder, it was time for a Bunny Extravaganza! (And a couple of sheep.)

My camera is the worst and I'm trying to figure out the new one, so forgive the pics. Here's a bunny mid-flock.

I used a variety of punches to make the ears and faces and tails and added different bling to make the faces.

Next, I used my fingers to smooth a coat on of the white glue (Elmer's). I piled on the flocking powder and let dry like this before shaking it off (that helps with coverage imo).
  In this pic, you can see the difference on the ears, where I used some glue straight from the bottle on the left bunny and smoothed the glue on the right bunny. The picture below has glue from the bottle applied to the sheep and is raised.

Also on the blue-eyed bunny, I applied some more glue on top of the first layer of flock and applied a second layer. I really liked the fluffier version.

I tried Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (it's clear like Glossy Accents) and the coverage wasn't good. It wasn't as poor as the Enamel Accents paint, but I still like the white glue best, whether it's a thin layer or dimensional.

Happy Spring!

Monday, April 7, 2014

It's a Record!

Nope, I didn't break any records (unless you count Length of Time It Takes to Clean the Craft Closet that I set this weekend. Hint--Forever!) but I made some records.

Just sharing another two pages of my Smash book about a year in my life today. I made little record albums by taking apart three 3.5 diskettes and taking out the shiny black part. I printed out the record labels and used a tape runner to put them together. Easy Peasy!

You can see in this picture how shiny the record part is because those are my fingers holding the camera :)

Happy Monday! Got any uses for old diskettes?

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Quicky Card

I put this together for a Hero Arts flickr group contest. In less than 90 minutes, you have to create a card with a Hero Arts stamp, bling, and a die-cut element. Here's what I came up with. I like the ice cream and cotton candy, but not the design. And the rhinestone placement is all about covering ink smudges. Ah well. I finished in time (and under time) and followed the rules, so I guess I'll call it a good!

And since I missed posting yesterday (the Friday part of the Mon, Wed, Fri blog) and visited my daughter at school instead, I'm gonna call this my Friday post. And I'll call it good too!

Happy Weekend and here's to my philosophy of the day--Good Enough!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Creepy Reading

I love this book cover, so I'm highlighting it as Book Cover of The Week, even though it's not a new book.

I love that the author found the photos first and then wrote a book to go with them...and they are peculiar pics!

Here's the follow-up book that I haven't yet read, but that I most definitely will. Love a creepy book with great covers!

What's your favorite creepy book? I gotta admit when I read The Shining many years ago, I had to read it outside in the sunshine. True story.

And an uncreepy card just because. I altered a make n take card from my fave scrapstore, The Paper Cottage, and of course added Stickles and some Doodlebug sequins.


Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sketch Challenges

Here's my entry for the Prima monthly challenge here. A lot of the layouts using Prima tend to be shabby chic, but I'm not sure I can pull that off, so I just followed this great sketch pretty closely.

I used School Memories papers and Say It In Crystals from the Free Spirit Collection. I got mine at I received my order today and sat down to play around with my new papers. I looovvee the crystals, they are kinda glittery and the smaller ones are flatter than the larger buttons. Love them!

I used a bunch of first day school pics of my daughter and little black and white vintage pics from the School Memories paper. 

And for the Pretty Little Studio challenge, I made this card for my niece. I love the tiny little die cut. I added Stickles to my cake, and a little washi tape below the patterned paper strip. I love these vintage images!


Happy Weekend,