Sunday, September 14, 2014

It's A Foxy Challenge!

Entering my two cards featuring foxes over at the Moxie Fab challenge here.

This one uses Simple Stories and Snap papers. I love hedgehogs in theory, as I've never had one. But they seem cute, so I like them for paper crafts.

This one uses a die cut from Pretty Little Studio and some various papers I had leftover. The little black enamel star is from my pal, Barb, I love them!

Happy almost Monday (two hours til midnight!)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Freaky Friday

Loved the movie Freaky Friday back in the day when it starred Jodie Foster as the daughter and I even enjoyed the version with the actress-not-tabloid-fodder Lindsay Lohan. It's just a funny concept of a mom and daughter switching places for a day. I think it might be one of those life lessons for most of us to be able to do this. I know this—if I had to live my daughter's life for a day, I would be one exhausted puppy. Just reading her to-do lists make me tired!

Here's the Freaky part of today's post—this Book Cover of the Week. I just read this and enjoyed it, although it was pretty creepy. It's a young adult book with a few real vintage photos of asylums. As they say, old prisons and asylums are the most haunted places. And even if I never saw a ghost, I know an old asylum would give me the creeps. I liked the book, especially the added photos.

Here's the Unfreaky part of today's post—using your Project Life cards and other Pocket Cards in new ways. I love these cards and although I'm not a pocket scrapper, I buy them as if I were. I use them for cards, for traditional layouts and other paper crafts. Here's the easiest thing to do with them. Laminate them (at the UPS store for example) and then pop a magnet on the back for decorating your fridge or white board.  Taa Daa! These were hard to photograph but they say "Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken," "Dream Big," and "Be You." I like this set for graduation cards too. They came from Michael's and Me & My Big Ideas. You can get them at Jo Ann's online and they're on sale. You're welcome.

Happy Friday and stay away from haunted asylums!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Feelling Like Fall

The temperature is a little cooler today, making it feel a little more like fall. So I'm sharing a fall birthday card I made over the weekend. It features the Fall Felt Leaves from Hero Arts that I got at a2z Scrapbooking Supplies. They're just $1.50 for twelve leaves and are the perfect size for cards and layouts.

I used glue dots to attach my leaves. The flourish background uses the Leafy Vines stamp. I love this stamp—it's so versatile and looks great as a focal point or background. And the size is just right for cardmaking. If you think it's just right for you, you can get it at a2z here.

I also used Hero Arts ink and it may surprise you to learn I used the Neon Red. This is just how it looks on my text paper, I didn't tone it down or anything. Planning to experiment some more with the neon inks today. And guess what? You can get the ink at, yep, a2z!

If you spend $25 or more, you can use my 15% off code—CHARK15—to reward your good taste :) Because we crafters have to stick together and enable each other!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Creative Blog Hop

My talented friend and fellow DT Member at a2z Scrapbooking Supplies, Barb G, asked me to join in a Creative Blog Hop, where you answer a few questions about your creative process and then tag others to do the same the next Monday. I think it's cool to read how people create, so I was happy to join in. You can read Barb's post here.

What am I working on now?I'm playing around with some new goodies from a2z including neon inks that seem a little out of my comfort zone. And I can't seem to stop trying things with my new triangle die from a2z.

How does my work differ from others in my genreI like to create cards and scrapbook pages, but I also like to make gift packaging and gifts with paper. I just made a necklace for my sister from a comic book page that I'm hoping she'll enjoy. I guess I'd better make a matching card!

Why do I create what I do?—It makes me happy. I started with scrapping to get some memories down from vacations and then my kids' childhoods and then I took a class from Jennifer McGuire (who is fabulous) and she got me hooked on Hero Arts stamps. I found card making was sooo much faster for me than making a scrapbook page, so I made a lot of those. Making crafts of all sorts just satisfies a creative itch I have.

How does my creative process work?—For a scrapbook page, I almost always start with a photo that I love and then the rest has to support that. For cards, I usually find a challenge online to motivate me, or I need a card for a birthday! And sometimes, I just love a product, buy it, and then play around to see if I can make something that makes me happy. And there are times when it doesn't, so I put it away and try another day. I was trying to make placecards with my new felt leaves and came up with these. But I didn't love them, so I'll rethink it and try again another time. I did, however, come up with a project I love with the leaves and you'll find it at the a2z blog today.

Not at all what I was trying to make.

Looks just like what I wanted.

Here are my creative picks for the Blog Hop...check out their blogs next Monday to get their answers too!

Janet, aka swanlady21, is my Hero Arts flickr buddy and is she talented! She hosted a card challenge there this weekend and made four amazing examples. Most hosts do one or two examples, so she must be an overachiever as well! :) Here's a little more about Janet in her own words. Don't forget to check out Janet's blog, Swanlady Impressions to see those cards and more of her lovely work.

I was born in Zimbabwe, grew up in South Africa, but have been living in Mauritius (tiny island in Indian Ocean) for the last 23 years. I started stamping 20 years ago as there were no cards here, and my mother bought me some stamps and ink in South Africa. When my friends saw what fun it was, I had to bring more and more supplies in. So now I have a small stamping & scrapbooking shop attached to the garage, and I love to give courses.
I am a dreamer who enters another world when playing with stamps, inks and paper, sometimes getting lost in that world until the wee hours of the morning!.
The Hero Arts flickr group took my stamping to another level, and the many blogs out there helped me identify and develop my style. I love CAS design, but I also love techniques.

Zoey, is on the DT for a2z Scrapbooking Supplies with me and I love her personality along with her style...she introduced herself to us as our "Italian BFF" right away. You have to check out this post on the Faber-Castell blog to see Zoey's gorgeous hand-drawn feathers. Check out her blog to see more of Zoey's beautiful work. And now, in her own words:

My name is Emanuela Zoey but everyone just call me Zoey because it is way shorter! I have 30 years old but me and my inner child still hang out together, so I still feel like im 18 LOL! I am mixed media artist but I also like to experiment with other techniques or other styles...and when I do not succeed in trying other styles, my rescue remedy is my so well loved gesso! LOL! I love life, I smile a lot and I am happy about most everything. My grandmother always taught me that when in doubt...just be kind and smile at people! Sometimes people think you are weird, but most of the time they just smile back at you! To me being creative is truly a medicine, a relief that is why I try to create something everyday.

Huge thank you hugs to Janet and Zoey for joining in!! You guys rock and inspire me!
Happy Creative Monday,


Friday, September 5, 2014

This One's For the Chicks

It's National Chicken Month in September, and I don't know if that means, "yay for fried chicken" or "yay for animals" so I'll celebrate by posting this picture of the sweetest little felted chicks ever. It came from this etsy shop if you're looking for more cuteness.

(Shhh! Don't tell them I like fried chicken too!)

Here's a quick birthday card for my Aunt Katie, who actually belongs to my husband, but since I've known her since I was 16, I get to claim her now too. She loves purple, so I added some lavender printed paper behind the coolest die cut I found. I added the flowers and the silver embellies and ta da! Fini! I'm so international.

Can you guess what the flower is made from? Take a peek at a close-up.

It's paper towel with spray inks. I noticed that the colors looked fabulous on the paper towel I was using during a project, so I added some more spray, let it sit til almost completely dry and then hand cut different-sized flowers. The towel stays flexible enough that you can crinkle and fluff them up to resemble a flower.

It came out soft and floofy. (yep, that's a word I got from the kids) I love when discoveries happen in the midst of creating, don't you?!

Happy Chicken Month!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

We're Off To See The Wizard!

I'm joining in with the Faber-Castell's September Take the Challenge with Mou. I love Mou's style and I've learned a lot from her on their blog. All the artists there are fab and really helpful. I love the gelatos and use them whenever I can. This month's challenge is to make something in less than 30 minutes. This little gift box definitely qualifies—it took less than fifteen, even with fussing with the washi.

It started as a kraft jewelry box and I added a gelato sky and clouds, and used gel medium to glue on an Oz die cut from I've had it for awhile, as I tend to pick up Oz things when I see them. This needed glued down, but they carry stickers as well from Paper House Productions. I had to go back in and color more sky in spots after gluing. I added some blue gingham washi tape to the box lid edges and called it a day!

I'm planning to use it for a gift, but since I looovvee The Wizard of Oz, I don't know if I can part with it. They look so happy!

Join me in the Challenge with Mou this month and check out the Faber-Castell blog for great inspiration!

Happy Wednesday!