Monday, March 30, 2015

Doodlebug Bunnies

I love Doodlebug Design for its cuteness—they consistently do cute very well. I know it's not up everyone's alley, but I think I buy something from each new line they come out with. From the Easter Parade line, I got two sheets of paper and stickers. For this project, I used the stickers only.

I used a little 4x6 canvas board I had, rubbed some Distress inks (Picked Raspberry, Lemonade and Peacock Blue) on it directly and then moved the ink with my finger. Then I added some of the cutest washi tape ever from Artsyville and the Doodlebug stickers, including the fence, and then added sequins. It came together really fast and made me happy.

Here it is in close-up and extreme close-up...or as Wayne from Wayne's World would say, unnecessary zoom.


The flower sequins are Teresa Collins.

Hope you have a great Monday, it's all sunny here in Ohio, so I'm going to enjoy that!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

If You Like Paper Smooches

You can head over to their blog for a blog hop with prizes! Yessss! Love PS stamps, they are so cute and the font for their sentiments is the best! This hamster is just the cutest little guy in my opinon.

Hop over and throw your hat in the ring for a $25 gift code to the store! Right now. Seriously. Go. Hop on Over. What? You don't like seeing fun projects and winning? Well, ok, then, don't hop if you don't wanna...but you really should. :)

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Smashing Again

So, I have another two-page spread from my Smash book that I've been having fun filling with various bits and pieces. I've put in some of my yearly activities, some fun photos that had nowhere else to go, and bits of memories here and there, along with lists of some of my favorite things right now and from childhood. It's been a lot of fun to make.

This is the last page and inside back cover. I took a card I'd made with a Hannah Lynn Designs Alice in Wonderland digi stamp (colored with Prismacolor pencils) and cut it to fit the page. I couldn't bear to send the card to anyone for months, because I loved how she turned I put her in my Smash book. That's allowed, right?! :) 

I added one of my fave Alice quotes at the top. The watercolor background is a die turned into an embossing folder. You can learn how to do that here with Jennifer McGuire.

Here's a closeup of that page. I added little white dots with a gel pen too. And that adorable star is from my pal, Barb, who just up and gave me a whole set of them in different colors. Thanks, Barb!

The back page features a pocket I added by using an old calendar page (my daughter gave it to me and again, couldn't bear to toss it, so I tore it up for art) I used it here to show my love of the Beatles and New Orleans, because that's where they were playing that night. I just folded it and secured it with adhesive.

Inside the pocket, I have a Jigglypuff trading card that my son gave's my favorite Pokemon...and only because it's so darn cute. I don't actually play Pokemon or collect them or whatever. Although, thanks to the son, I do know way too many of their names.

Happy Wednesday!

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Monday, March 23, 2015

My Flapper Auntie

One of my relatives posted this picture of my Aunt Irene from the 1920s (with her bestie, Gail) and I pulled it off and printed it for myself (the lesson is—any pic you post can be copied and printed by any of your fb "friends" or "friends of friends" or whoever is allowed to see your pics). Since it's my aunt, I feel that was okay to do, but it's kinda weird to know that any of your pics can be printed anywhere...doncha think? 

At any rate, Aunt Irene was a flapper of sorts in our small town, even though when I knew her, she was just an kind older woman who let me stay way too often at her house. They had a lovely house with lots of gorgeous woodwork and a red kitchen stool that I always commandeered when I visited. 

When I saw this picture, I had to make a scrapbook page of it. Cool car, cool clothes and saucy-looking Auntie. I used a bunch of Glitz products for this page. Unfortunately, their website is no longer up and running, although you can still buy their products here and there.

Love vintage family photos because they can give you a glimpse into the past and the people who came before you. I like the family stories that get passed around too for the same reason. Hope you have some good ones!

Happy Monday,

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Last Minute Entry

Entering the Nature Challenge at Hero Arts. It's just two hours til the deadline! eek! I used the Antique Engraving Stamps and gold embossing with watercolor. By watercolor, I mean Tombow markers to get a watercolor look.

Love this stamp set!
Happy Friday, nature friends!

Friday, March 20, 2015

It's Spring! Yee Haw!

I'm not normally a Yee Haw kinda girl, but so happy it's officially Spring today! Thought I'd give you a freebie digi art to celebrate and show off some resin keychains my sister made. 

I sent her some tool buttons to make a keychain for my hubby and then my daughter wanted this wax skull for some weird reason, although it is a pretty cute skull, as skulls go. My sister is getting an etsy shop together called Main Street Resin, so I thought I'd get some presents from her for some people.

The final one is a micro machine of Han in carbonite from a Star Wars playset. I thought it was kinda meta to put Han in carbonite in I did. It's for my nephew, who gave the playsets to my son...who eventually outgrew them too.

This digi download is from Free Vintage Digital and it's adorable! If you're taking Kathy's online coloring challenge here, I've found this color-in digi for you.

Ok, off to get my hair cut...I might get 'em all cut while I'm there. snort. I'm, like, so funny, guys.

Happy Friday and Happy Spring!