Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Watercolor Birthday Card

Watercoloring is so popular right now and I think for good reason. It's easy, it can be inexpensive, and you don't have to be a trained watercolor artist to get lovely results, especially for cardmaking. 

For this project, I tried Carolee's Creations paintables in the Happy theme.

I painted them with different watecolor media, and for this one I used Tombow Markers, they are water-based and you can scribble them on a clear stamping block and then add some water. They are the brightest colors for painting that I've found.

The geometric paper is Doodlebug and the textured blue paper was in a grab bag at Michael's. Here's a similar paper if you're interested. The only complaint I have with that paper is that you have to use some strong adhesive, because the texture makes it tricky to adhere anything to it.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Dorothy in Full Color

I made a Dorothy card for my oldest sister's upcoming birthday. Me and my two older sisters have a thing for the movie The Wizard of Oz...mostly I think because we always sat down together at Easter time to watch it and for girls who are 11 years and 7 years apart, finding something we could all agree on was kinda rare.

There's something magical about the Oz story, literally and figuratively. A girl can go on adventures by herself (okay, with her dog), be alone, make friends, make enemies, be scared and be brave and then end up safe and sound back home. Plus, she gets to wear fabulous shoes and sing wonderful songs!

Here's my card featuring Latina Crafter's Dorothy clear stamp. They have some cool products and they're based in the U.S. They usually support the Coffee Loving Blog Hop and that's how I found them. I still have some wood veneer nerd glasses I haven't used yet--they're too cute!

Since the opening sequence of the movie, starring Judy Garland, were filmed in sepia (but then shown in black and white for some reason), You get to see the sepia/color versions of the card :)

I added the plaid to the skirt and Red Xmas Stickles to her shoes and lips.

And here's one of my favorite Pentatonix songs called The Wizard of Ahhhs...they are an amazing a cappella group and my daughter introduced me to this compilation song. 

Happy Monday!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Pizza Party Day

Who knew there was a national Pizza Party Day? Not me, until today, and now I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need a pizza for dinner!
I've been eyeing these stamps at Lawn Fawn for awhile, what do you think, should I get them?

If I did, I could make cute cards like these from their blog:

Here's a recipe for  Rachael Ray's pizza puffs if you want to make your own.

And the even easier Pizza Turnovers with Crescent Rolls, we make these a lot at my house, but you gotta have two packs of the rolls or there won't be enough!

What's your favorite take-out pizza place? I love Jet's and our local Marion's Piazza and another local, Flying Pizza. I know one thing, any pizza is better than no pizza. 

Here's a free digi from Dearie Dolls if you want to have a pizza party with a coloring activity.

Happy Pizza Party Day! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Get Caught Reading Month

I'm behind on my reading, though I am caught up on birthday cards (because I crafted instead of read my library books) but I'm getting ready to start Tsarina. I love a good historical fiction, so hoping this is a good one.

I keep doodling quotes for fun while watching tv and this is the latest one that I also colored. I went for a fun ombre look for the house. It's one of my favorite quotes even though it's everywhere now, and it's book-related too. 

And though it's got nothing to do with getting caught reading, I wanted to share a link to some freebie digi stamps from 2 Cute Ink Stamps and Papercraft Magazines on Facebook. I got mine and they are cute! I already had a couple from joining the group, but since I always post my coloring with them, thought you might want your own to color.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Graduation Gift Idea for Cash

So, we wanted to give our daughter money for graduation and the husband said, just write a check. However, I wanted to do something a little more clever. After searching the internet, I saw money wrapped around Hershey chocolate nuggets that said Nuggets of Wisdom...I ran with that. Here's the original.

Here's my version, with a quote from her favorite musical on the container.

1. Write a nugget of wisdom, we used real advice, quotes from books and famous people and then some funny ones.

2. Wrap it in a bill, we used a variety of denominations.

3. I used low-tack washi tape to keep it wrapped.

4. Put them in a clear container for fun viewing and then the grad can use the container to keep the advice strips or whatever they like. You can't see it well, but I wrapped it in school-themed paper since she is an Education major.

That's it, the hardest part was coming up with good ideas for 19 pieces of candy/money.

And here's a little graduating pencil that I got from 2 Cute Ink digi stamps. I seriously love these little guys.

Happy Monday!

Friday, May 13, 2016

It's Graduation Time

Blatant Mommy Brag...have to share pics my oldest, Colleen, in her cap and gown and take a moment to say Congratulations! She just graduated from University of Kentucky with two degrees (Psychology and Elementary Ed) in four years, while holding down at least two jobs at a time (sometimes more), being editor of the satire newspaper on campus, peer mentoring her fellow Honors Program students and holding a 4.0 average. 

She is a one-of-a-kind woman who will make the best teacher because of her enthusiasm, energy, and drive to pass on her love of learning, plus her willingness to work her arse off (which she learned from her dad). 

I'm telling you, she's a wonder...or as her brother and I say to each other, a freak of nature. Honestly, though, it's humbling to see how much effort and energy she puts into everything she does. This is one determined woman. She will make a difference, she already has. Oh, and did I mention she's kind and funny and won a couple of awards (for writing and for service) while achieving this amazing goal?

I'm glad she's my daughter and I'm glad she is working toward what she wants and leaving rainbow colored sparkles in her wake. To know her is to be charmed by her. Colleen is an original and we couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments. And she didn't even plan these similar pictures, this is just her normal self :)

Okay, now that I'm finished with the Mommy Brag, here's a little apple grad card I made with the 2 Cute Ink digi stamps for May. 

I love this little guy. I printed him large so I could make a card from him, colored him roughly with cross-hatching and trimmed him and then cut a piece of cardstock to match, scored it at the base of the hat and then glued the top part of the hat. I made a tassel with some embroidery floss and added white pen highlights and a silver button sticker to the hat.

Wishing you a Happy Friday!